9927 North County Rd. 15
Fort Collins, CO 80524

phone: (970) 568-3603
email: N40CowboyClyde@aol.com
Lat: 40.729250 Lon: -105.076310


Our aim is to give your horse a safe, healthy place to stay. If you decide to move on, we'll send him off in better condition than when he came here. Here's the rules and terms that make that happen.

Board costs $150/month, paid in advance on the 1st. Your horse will be weighed in on our livestock scale, and based on age, use and condition, we'll settle with you on a program of weight maintanence - some we'll want to keep where they are, young horses may need to gain a few hundred pounds. The board fee includes 1/3 bale of fresh grass hay twice daily and unlimited water. Any grain, pellets, sweet feed, or supplements that you want fed you'll have to provide. Extra hay is $.25/pound. HOWEVER, WE FEED YOUR HORSE. We live here, we feed everyone at the same time, and past experience tells us this is the most reliable way to make sure each horse is fed and content.

Exercise: We'll work your horse out on a lead or under saddle, $20/hour

Veterinary Care: We require vaccination for West Nile, Wee, EEE, anthrax, tetanus+Rhino.

One-night stays for travelers: $10/night open field, $20/night box stall. Animals must be accompanied by proper certificates of vaccination.


Horses are big, heavy, unpredictable animals. They can be surprisingly clever, or very dumb - those traits can get both you and your horse into trouble. You can get crushed, bitten, kicked, cut, injured or killed - and so can your horse. We will take good, responsible care of your horse, but we make no guarantees. We are not responsible for the safety or the behavior of either you or your horse. We can't promise that your horse or some other horse won't hurt you or a companion while you're here. We can't promise that your horse won't supplement the feed we provide by also eating boards, dirt, plastic or paint - or otherwise behave in a way that makes him sick. Or, he may get sick from any of a number of things - like colic and coughs - that horses are just prone to get. A horse is a big animal and a big responsibility that you, the owner, have to shoulder. The North 40 is just another piece of land where you are free to do that.